Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Divemaster intern update August 2012

During the month of August we said good bye to Jason & Joe after spending 8 weeks here in Tenerife and leaving with their Divemaster certifications and Joe with his Assistant Instructor level too.

They were both great students and divers and it was a pleasure to work with them. We wish them both well for the future and hope to see them both soon.

So we was then left with Suzy & Lucy who both decided on staying on for another 5 weeks to gain more experience and confidence in their new found certification.

Both girls have done a great job and have grow from strength to strength. They have been guiding dives, taking Scuba Reviews and also doing Discover Scuba Divers as part of the DSD Leader certification. this will also give them a great start for the Assistant Instructor cert and they will gain credits towards any Instructor levels they choose for the future.

What else has been happening at Amarilla Divers..... Well we was joined by new Intern Duncan who has just finished his Masters in Maths at Warwick University.

Duncan joined us as a Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver. He will be with us for 6 weeks during which time he will be diving lots :) and training for his Divemaster & Assistant Instructor Course.

The first day in the shop and Duncan was already signed up for a 'Worldwide Night Dive' organized by Marine Innova at Los Cristianos beach. he was joined by Neil, Colin, Billy, Lucy, Suzy & Chris and another 150 divers!!

The idea was to search at night for gift tags that offer prizes. Neil found a few and shared them out with group afterwards and then we all had Paella & Beer!!!  Neil also won a nice BIG box for his Camera equipment, Chris won a days water sports and Colin won a Debris collection bag !! :)

It was a great night dive with lots of fun and Duncan even ended up on Spanish TV after 24 hours on the island!!! Well done Duncan.

We have also had Billy back with us who we are proud to announce has now finished his Divemaster course with Neil and did a fantastic job with his skill circuit and stamina. We are so happy that he has finished as Billy has had to split his training between holidays, but worked hard and did us ALL proud.

Billy & Duncan were working together on their stamina and kit exchanges and managed some excellent scores with some very good skills too. 

We now say Ciao to Billy for a while but will keep on working with Duncan for his completion date.

We have had a very busy August with the return of some of our regular divers including our younger Bubblemakers, who have now turned Discover Scuba Divers and ventured in to Open Water

We also sadly said goodbye to Colin for a while at least, as he returns to the UK but I am sure we will see him soon and he is joining us in Egypt in January.

It has been a real blast throughout this whole month and we would like to say THANK YOU to the Amarilla Divers Dive Team.

Neil, Chris, Suzy, Lucy, Jason, Joe, Billy, Duncan, Colin & Mary.

Well done Guys......go Team AD

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Unexpected Divemaster Interns

Well Amarilla Divers was all prepared to start their summer Divemaster Intership program with Suzy & Jason and we was well on the way with their training.

All of a sudden we had a phone call from a rather crazy young lady called Lucy who was asking if we had any places available on our intern program, as she wanted to complete her Rescue Diver course & divemaster...

After a very strange chat on the phone and then bumping in to Lucy at the harbour whilst we was doing a Night diver Specialty, Lucy joined our Divemaster course the next day.

Lucy is a student at Plymouth University and is studying commercial Engineering. She has been diving for a while and has her HSE Commercial ticket as well as BSAC qualifications.

Lucy's first dive with Amarilla Divers was to El Puertito to see the turtles and she had a great dive there.

Since then Lucy has completed these courses.

PADI Rescue Diver
PADI Divemaster
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox

Lucy has been a delight to have in the shop and has not stopped laughing or smiling since day one. She has even decided to stay on for another 5 weeks with Suzy to get more experience of working as a Divemaster.

Lucy has been to many different dive sites, has been on night dives, boat dives, shore dives, wreck dives and even Mermaid dives, yes we will add some pictures to our Facebook page.

Next we have Joe who arrived a couple of days after Lucy, but was recommended to us by Lucy herself.

Joe arrived as a Rescue Diver too and is also from Plymouth Uni and is studying Marine Biology.

He went straight out for his first couple of dives and again ended up at El Puertito with the gorgeous Turtles. He also decided whilst here to set up a Urchin Control project on our house reef and so the Divemaster interns have been carefully setting this up and monitoring it's progress over the past few weeks.

Joe did an excellent map of Tabaiba whilst here and managed to get lots of diving in with lots of different dive sites. He also went on to complete his Assistant Instructor Course with Neil. This is something we offer our Interns FREE if they have been certified for a minimum of 6 months already.

Joe had a visit from his parents whilst here in Tenerife and we took them for a Discover Scuba Diver course with Neil and also Lucy had a friend Tash here at the same time, so we all went down to El Puertito to see the Turtles.

For more information about our Divemaster Internship programs you can contact Mary at mary@amarilladivers.com

Check back for more regular updates from Amarilla Divers and check out our Facebook page for pictures.