Sunday, 15 April 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Divemaster intern update April

So what has been happening with our Interns lately???

Sam Black completed his Divemaster Internship and his Assistant Instructors course with Iain at the end of March and finally went back to sunny Scotland where it then decided to SNOW....Yes April bought Sam Snow. After 8 weeks here is Tenerife Sam completed his Avanced Open Water course, Rescue Diver Course, Emergency First Response Course, Divemaster course & Assistant Instructor Course...WOW Well done Sam.

Sam was an excellent candidate and we now wish him the very best for his future in Marine Biology. :)

Manon is still with us and has started to complete some of her Specialty courses with Neil amd also completed her Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response course and has finished the Rescue Exam. 

Unfortunately she has caught and ear infection and so in grounded for 10 dyas !!! much to her disappointment. However she will be back in the water soon enough for her Rescue Diver course.

Manon has been learning lots of new things since she has been in Tenerife and with French being her first Language, she has been doing an excellent job. all her manuals are in french but she insists on translating it in to English as well. well done Manon :)

Hannah is staying for an extra 2 weeks to get the rest of her training completed and also to complete some PADI Specialties with Neil & Mary. Hannah has completed her Open Water course, Advanced Open Water course, Emergency First Response course, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep Specialty & Night Diver so far. She will be starting her Rescue Course this week along with her Wreck Diver Specialty & Nitrox Diver.

Hannah has been doing great and is gaining more confidence everyday. She has even been out for some 'fun' dives with the other interns. Well done Hannah :)

Alex joined us at the end of March and went on to complete his Open Water course, Advanced Open Water course and Emergency First reposnse course. He will now go on to his Rescue Diver course along with some Specialties. He has found a new love for photography and was having a great time with the camera as apart of his Digital Underwater Photography course and adventure dive.

He has gained a lot of confidence in the water and will soon make a great Divemaster. Well done Alex :)

We have also welcomed another new intern to the Amarilla Divers Family and this is Chris Botting. He is a resident here in Tenerife and lives in the north in Puerta De La Cruz. He is currently staying down South for his internship.

Chris came as an Open Water diver and has already completed his Advanced Open Water course & Emergency First Reponse course. Plus he is starting some of his Specialty courses too.

Chris has a passion for the water and is a keen Surfer. He loves the water and has been doing a great job with his diving too. Well Done Chris :)

Finally Dannii, now as you know Dannii is also a resident here in Tenerife and so is only in for 2 days a week, however this week could be the end of her training. Dannii has a few Specialties to complet but other than that she mainly needs her stamina, last part 2 exam and some DSD work shops. Dannii has grown as a diver and Divemaster and we are very lucky to her have her. She will be a great asset to any dive center and we hope she will complete her Instructors course soon enough too.

Well Done Dannii :)

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ April update.

Sorry for the delay in blogging!! we have been rather busy in the center with Divemaster Interns and our regular divers.

So here is a quick round up of what has been going on in Amarilla Divers.

Colin reached his 100th Dive and was certified as and OWSI and then taught his first PADI course with Alex one of our latest Divemaster interns.  Alex came as a non-diver and went straight into him Open Water course with Colin. The course went well and both Alex & Colin had a great time doing the training.

Colin will be back with us in May for a couple of weeks and also in the summer to get some more certifications under his belt and more experience. Colin has done a fantastic job so far and we know he will make an excellent instructor.

We have also had a few more new divers join Amarilla Divers. We had Michaela, Mark, Robin, Susannah & Jon all do their Open Water courses with Neil & Mary. Whilst the Divemaster interns have been busy helping out with courses, they have also been completing some of their own. 



Hannah has now completed her Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver & Deep Diver Specialties, plus her Advanced Open Water and Emergency First Response course. She has finished her Rescue Exam with a great score and is almost at her 40 Dives to start her Divemaster course. Hannah is also now staying on for a couple of weeks extra to gain more experience.

 Aaron was also here for a weeks holiday and wanted to complete some Specialty course and so he managed to pass his Night Diver, Deep Diver & Wreck Diver courses with Neil. He now needs just a few more dives before he can apply for his Master Scuba Diver certification. This is the highest NON-professional certification in the PADI System and is gained through Rescue Diver & 5 PADI Specialties.

Robin Millar was back for some diving and he was joined by Tony Farmer, Tony Gillies, Alan and the divemasters for some nice dives to Radazul, Tabaiba, El Meridian & El Condesito. We have had some great dives lately and everyone as been getting some nice photos and some great diving too.

We will be introducting you to our latest Divemaster interns soon and giving you an update on how all of them are progressing too.

Remember that we run Divemaster internships all year round and also have the option of doing the Assistant Instructor course if you have been certified for a minimum of 6 months.

If you are interested in changing your life style and becoming a PADI Pro, then contact Mary and have an informal chat to discuss your future.

see you soon :)