Thursday, 3 May 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Life

So before we go in to the latest developments in Amarilla Divers, lets have a look at some of the dive sites and underwater life that we see here in Tenerife.

We are fortunate enough to have a great deal of life to see on our waters of the coast of Tenerife. We do not have much in the way of corals, like Egypt for instance, but we do get a fair share of fish, turtles and sting rays. We also have some stunning under water scenery and a few wrecks to visit too.

So what is our favourite type of site??

Well for me it is definitely the reefy volcanic areas of Abades Beach, Poris Beach & El Faro Del Poris. These sites have loads of life to see, lots of fauna to look at and a wreck ! yes it pretty much has everything in the one site.

Abades beach.
Depth 3-15 meters. All levels of diver. Beach entry.
This is a very good site for beginners and newly qualified divers, as well as for underwater photographers. This site offers so much life, its like swimming in an aquarium. The reef is beautiful and full of life. Angel Sharks and Rays live here, with the reef offering everything from Damsels to Moray Eels.

 The sea grass and soft corals on our volcanic rocks can be very colourful indeed and make for very good photographs. It is always a popular couple of sites for our divers old & new.

We of course have the popular turtle site El Puertito and have regular visits here for Digital Underwater Photography and also other training for Peak Performance Buoyancy courses.

The turtles here are of the Green Back variety and we have a family of around 7 turtles. We also noted recently that there are 2 new turtles at this site and one looks like a Logger head turtle, but we only caught a short glimpse of him :(

 El Puertito
Depth 8-14 meters. All Levels of diver. Beach entry.
A short drive away from our dive center and a short surface swim, brings you this fabulous experience of diving with a family of 6 Green Back Turtles. They are very inter-active and regularly come to investigate the divers. Also found here are Angel Shark (Nov-March) Trumpet Fish, Butterfly Ray and Moray Eels.

We can often catch sight of the gorgeous Stingrays in Tenerife too and they are so graceful as they glide past us. Sometimes they are a little inquisitive and come in close, they are very beautiful  animals and we can often see them at night time too. 

We also have some nice wreck here in Tenerife and we recently visited El Condesito with a group of our regular divers.

There is not much left of El Condesito as the boat is fall apart as we speak, however this does not stop it from being full of life around the wreck and in the reef areas to the side.

 El Condesito

Depth 12-18 meters. All level of diver. Boat
This was a large coaster carrying a cargo of cement bags, which crashed into one of the walls at the lighthouse. Lying between 12-18 meters, the wreck is in advanced stages of decay, but still an exciting wreck to visit. The wreck is home to a family of Trumpet Fish and Octopus, with the top of the wreck surrounded by thousands of Sardines and frequently sting rays under the cement bags.

Tenerife has a selection of nice Star Fish too and we can often find them on the rocky areas or even in the sandy parts of the dive sites. Some are very large and colourful, whilst others are very tiny.

So here is a small selection of some of the life seen in our lovely waters. Enjoy :)