Saturday, 22 February 2014

PADI Instructor Development Course 22nd May 2014

The next PADI IDC is starting on 22nd May 2014 in our Dive center.

We are happy to announce a new special off that includes the OWSI, EFRi, MSDT & materials!

We have had loads of success with our Instructor Development Courses here at Amarilla Divers and in May we expect tha Aurelien will be back for his IDC along side our Divemaster Ingrid and also some new interns that will be starting shortly.

We will also be running the PADI IDC Staff course and MSDT training.

For an information pack please contact

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Diving Tenerife February 2014 Update

Divemaster Internship Update.

So this month has seen Ingrid pass her Divemaster Internship with flying colours. Ingrid has been a pleasure to teach and is a very very good student. She is quick to learn and eager to do more....SOO Ingrid will now take on the Discover Scuba Diver leader :)

She is also considering taking the PADI Instructor course and will be working with Amarilla Divers to gain more dives and experience whilst also looking for a job :)

Aurelien has been completing his practical assessments, stamina and workshops and is almost ready for his final DM exam, part 2.

Aurelien is great to teach and has come along very well with his training. He is now looking at going back to France to work on the Yachts and sail away into the sunset!!

Dive Sites.

We have had some great dive sites lately and Tabaiba has been a favourite with the divers. We had some Advanced Open Water course diver there and got some excellent photos.

We have also been to Black Cove which is a  beautiful site, especially if  the weather is good to enter the Moon Pools.

The sting Rays have still been around and have not gone for their 'mating season' yet, so we have been graced with all the Large Atlantic rays as well as the small common rays and even the Eagle ray has been around.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Diving Tenerife Update for January 2014

Hi guys and welcome back. Yes I have been rather late with updates, but I promise to try and keep more prompt with our news.

So what has been happening :)

Well during January we had 2 new Divemaster Interns start with Amarilla Divers and also an old return to finish off her training.

Emelyne from France came back to complete the rest of her Divemaster and she scored very highly in her exams and her skill circuit :)

Emelyne was with us for a total of 8 weeks but split it over a couple of months so she could go off and work on the survey boats. 

Emelyne managed to complete 

Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Emergency First Response

She also got lots of diving in and gained more experience and confidence with her diving. 

She now goes back to France and is looking for jobs round the world as we speak :)

Ingrid & Emelyne

Secondly we have the lovely Ingrid from Netherlands. She joined us to finish her Divemaster course and gain her dives to reach the minimum of 60 required for divemaster. 

Ingrid is a very quick learner and after a few pool sessions to practice and polish her dive skills, she score very high on her skill circuit. 

Ingrid also did a great job with her exams, in English, after studying hard with her book :)

Aurelien is our 3rd Divemaster intern and he is also from France. Aurelien was training in Cannes and then decided to complete his Divemaster course. 

He has been reading through his book and managed a great score for the first part of the exam, in French :) and now is studying the fantastic chapter 9 ready for the second exam.

Aurelien has also had some high scores with his Skill circuit and is looking good with his rescue assessment as well.

Ingrid & Aurelien
Fin Pivots

Aurelien & Ingrid with Alternate Air source

Jorge has been in for some diving and teaching and he has been down to the Sting Rays a couple of time with the Divemasters which is awesome and they have been surrounded by the sting rays. 

Jorge at the Sting Rays

We have lots of diving going on during February so we will some nice new photos as well.

We also have a new website 'Diving Tenerife' which will be nice to see :)

remember we also have the PADI IDC website that is aimed at our Instructor candidates and the Divemaster website for our Internship programs.

chat soon ;)