Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Divemaster interns for July...Update

WOW was it really that long ago I updated our blog!!!

Well we have been busy busy with the Dive Master interns and also with the hotel Contracts, Discover Scuba Diver courses, rescue Diver Courses, Open Water course.............and Wedding Proposals!!! yes we had an underwater wedding proposal, but I will tell you about that in our next installment.

So During the end of June we ended up with the unexpected arrival of 2 new Divemaster Interns Lucy & Joe. Both these guys were HSE Commercial Divers before hand and Lucy had also been down the BSAC route, whilst Joe had started as PADI Open Water.

They both study at Plymouth University and Joe is actually studying for Marine Biology, which is great news.

Lucy & Joe joined Jason & Suzy to work through their rescue diver course and Divemaster courses too.

We started out with a couple of dives to El Puertito to see the Turtles. This is a great site to see and we now have a new baby turtle here too, which is lovely. We have been doing many Discover Scuba Diver courses here, as it is a very popular choice dive.

So here is a quick update on our Interns and what they have achieved over the past few weeks.

Jason came to us as a Non-diver and has now completed the following courses.

PADI Open Water
PADI Advanced Open Water
PADI Rescue
EFR primary Care
EFR Secondary Care
PADI Divemaster
PADI Deep Diver
PADI Underwater Navigation
PADI Night Diver
PADI Enriched Air Diver
PADI Search & Recovery
PADI Master Scuba Diver.

He has racked up the 60 dives needed for Divemaster Certification and has been to many different dive sites. Jason has been shore diving, boat diving, night diving and snorkelling too. Jason has been very hands on in Amarilla Divers center and has been a great student. He has been doing lots of briefs and dive guiding and has improved his skills to a high standard.

We have seen huge growth in Jason and are proud to say he is nearly at the end of his Divemaster internship. He will then return to the UK and back to his day job.

Next we have Suzy who came to Amarilla Divers as a Rescue Diver. Suzy has completed the following courses.

PADI Divemaster
PADI Deep Diver
PADI underwater Navigation
PADI Night Diver
PADI Digital Underwater Photography.
PADI Search & Recovery
PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Suzy have completed 60 dives and is now staying with us for another 5 weeks to get some extra experience as a Qualified Divemaster.

Suzy has been a great student and is veru confident in the water. She has enjoyed using the camera and we hope now that she will take lots more photos of the underwater life in Tenerife.

Suzy has recently completed her 800 meter snorkel swim with a fantastic score and managed to beat all the other interns times. She was a little rocket in the water.

Suzy had a quick visit from her Dad Stephen whilst she was here in Tenerife and so we went for some nice pleasure dives with them both. 

So Jason now leaves us a Divemaster whilst Suzy is staying here for another 5 weeks to gain some more experience working as a DM with Amarilla Divers.

Check back to hear about Lucy & Joe.

See ya soon