Sunday, 10 June 2012

Diving in Tenerife May 2012

WOW has it really been that long since I last blogged!!!! Well here is a quick round up of what has been happening at Amarilla Divers throughout May 2012.

You may have guessed we have been rather busy ! and yes we have been doing lots of diving and lots of courses. So lets start with the courses we have been completing.

We had some of our regular divers back for their Rescue Diver course and also some Specialties. Chris Kelly was here for 10 days and managed to complete his Rescue Diver, Deep, Navigation, Night, Project Aware & Digital Underwater Photography courses. All this amounted to Chris being able to achieve his Master Scuba Diver certification too. Well done Chris.

Chris was joined for his Rescue by Tanya & John who all did a great job and it was very lovely to them after spending a great week in Egypt back in January.

We also has a visit from Karen, Bob, Sam (Doc) & Gareth (Pat) during may and Pat & Doc also completed their Rescue Diver course and their Emergency First Response course too.

It has been a great month for course and had Gary doing his Open Water course, lots of Discover Scuba Diver courses, Advanced Open Water course with Sarah, Divemaster courses finished with Dannii, Hannah & Manon and also some Assistant Instructor courses with Dannii too.

We had lots of Specialties going on including Project Aware, Fish Identification, Deep, Night, Nitrox and lots more.

The Amarilla Divers Team has been collecting rubbish all month for their Dive Against Debris and managed to accumulation lots of debris and we are still logging this with Project Aware currently. We estimate that we have found over 60 Kgs of rubbish at various dive sites and this is only a small portion of the debris left in our oceans.  We will still be collecting on every dive and all our divers have been helping raise awareness of this cause.

We have been to lots of dive sites this month but El Puertito has  been the favourite and here are some of of our divers enjoying seeing the Green back Turtles.

Divemaster Update.

OK So whats been happening with the divemasters here at Amarilla Divers in Tenerife!

Dannii who has been with us since October has completed her Divemaster course and also her Assistant instructor course. Dannii has been great to work with and has been a fantastic Dm and diver. She also completed 5 Specialties to reach her Master Scuba Diver certification too and now leaves Tenerife to travel to Thailand and then on to Australia & New Zealand. We are very proud of Danni and we wish her all the best of luck with her travels and we know we will see her again soon for her Instructors Course.

Well done Dannii xx

Hannah also completed her Divemaster course and went back to the UK for 2 weeks and is now back again and has decided to saty in Tenerife. She will be helping round the shop and gaining her 100 dives and experience in readiness for her Instructors course. Hannah managed all her courses from open Water through to DM and even some specialties too.

We also said goodbye for now 'abientot' to Manon after she finished her Divemaster course with Amarilla Divers too. Manon went away with all her courses to Divemaster and also her Master Scuba Diver certification after completing her Deep, Night, O2, Digital Underwater Photography, Nitrox and Underwater Navigator Specialties.

We are hoping that Manon may be back with us for the Summer as she is searching for a job now. We wish her all the best of luck and look forward tyo seeing her again soon.

Chris & Alex are alomost there and only have a few small tasks left to do before completing their Divemaster course and we will update you with that shortly.......well so long as Mary wakes up again !

Thanks for reading and if we have missed anything, I will update again !

Safe Diving

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