Friday, 14 September 2012

Diving Tenerife ~ Tabaiba Wreck

As we are often being asked what dive sites we have here in Tenerife and if we have any good Wreck sites,  I though I would give you a little bit of  information on Tabaiba Wreck Dive site in the North of Tenerife.

The wreck is know as many different names, including El Raton, Tabaiba Wreck, El Penon and many more.

The wreck itself is a shore dive, as you can see by the map below. It is one of the easiest shore dives in Tenerife that offers not only a great Wreck for all to see, but also the different types of life to see too.

Between 21 and 30 metres you can find El Peñón, which means Crag or mass of rock in English, sunken in  August 2006 to create an artificial reef near Tabaiba's coast.

The wreck is Surrounded by lots of life and was heeled 38 degrees to starboard. This old tug boat alledgedly served for 49 years in the Santa Cruz's port of Tenerife.

People have stated that this is actually the third time the wreck has sunk.  The first time was because of an accident while it was helping the mitic British ocean liner Canberra to dock. Then again  during the maneuvers to refloat the wreck, it sank again.

Today the wreck has been absolutely cleaned and adapted for scuba diving wreck visits. El Peñón will remain forever in the coast of Tenerife,  helping to regnerate the underwater life of the zone.

This wreck is excellent for wreck Specialty courses.

Tabaiba Wreck is also used as a Spanish freediver training site.

The engine room and bridge, with it's enormous diesel engines is easily penetrated, with proper training.

Here is a small selection of picture from Tabaiba Wreck.

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