Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Diving Tenerife update for January 2013 ~ Amarilla Divers

January 2013.

So January is always a rather quiet month for diving in Tenerife, however this does not mean that we are not busy busy busy.

We had divers from all over come and dive with Chris our instructor but we also had 3 new Divemaster Interns start their courses.

We have been joined by Laura from Spain, she joined us as an open water diver with only 8 dives and is progressing really well. Chris has spent a lot of time in the pool with her for her skills before embarking on her Advanced Open Water diver course.

Laura has now completed her AOW course and also her EFR course with Chris as well as racked up a decnt 43 dives. She has just successfully passed her Rescue Exam and will be doing her in-water training later this week. We are looking forward to taking her through the rest of her Divemaster training.

Next we was joined by Monika from Poland. She joined us a Rescue Diver but has also had a lot of training with CMAS. He husband is a PADI Instructor and he has been coming in to help monitor her skills and will eventually be the signing instructor for her course. 

Monika already had over 400 dives when she arrived but that has not stopped her dive dive diving!! 

Monika is an excellent diver and scored very highly in her skill circuit and will be taking her Divemaster exams this week. 

Monika will then be staying on to train for her Instructors course and will be taking that in May this year.

lastly we have Miguel who is from Spain. He joined us after completing his Open Water course with PADI but then went on to his CMAS 2 Star. We have been working hard with Miguel to help maintain his personal dive skills and he has been improving with a steday pace. 

Miguel is currently completing his Rescue Diver course with Chris and has also finished his EFR course too.

Miguel will be here for 8 weeks and will then possibly think about his Instructor couse as well.

So here are our 3 new Interns for the month of January.

Chris has been working hard with the Divemaster interns but was also helped by the Welshie himself, Tony. It was great to have such an awesome team working in the Dive center.

They went to a few sites but Yellow Mountain seemed to be the favourite for January.

So what else was happening.......

EGYPT TIP 2013.......... What a fabulous start to year with a nice trip away.

I will put details up for this on another blogg with some gorgeous photos as taken by our Neil.

Also details for any more trips that Amarilla Divers has planned.

Thanks for reading.

Ciao :)

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