Friday, 16 March 2012

Divemaster Interns Update.

Sorry for the delay in posting, we have been busy busy with the interns!. So here is what has been going on at Amarilla Divers.

We have 2 new Divemaster Interns with us now for 8 weeks. They are Manon, who is from France and intends to do her Instructor course this year. Manon loves the water and loves fish and has always wanted to be a Mermaid! yes a mermaid. So working as a diver is the next best thing. Manon has been completing her Open Water course and Advanced Open Water course with Neil and has been swimming with Turtles too.

 Manon will be working through her Rescue, EFR and Divemaster course soon but will also be completing the Master Scuba Diver certification. We look forward to working her :)

We have also been joined by Hannah from the UK. Hannah is studying to be a nurse and has taken some time out to train as a Divemaster here with Mary at Amarilla Divers. Hannah has completed her Open Water course in the last week and is now going to enjoy some pleasure dives before starting her Advanced Open Water course here in Tenerife.

So what have Dannii & Sam been up to.

Well the guys have both started to complete their Stamina and got an excellent 5 points each for their tread water. Sam has managed an excellent score on both Divemaster exams and scored 97% overall, this is brilliant and we are very proud of his progress. 

Sam has also been in the pool for some Divemaster Workshops for Scuba Review & Discover Scuba Diver with Iain and did a great job with his Skill demonstration.

Dannii & Sam have been practising their skill demonstration for their skill circuit and have had some very good skills.

Sam has also been doing his mapping project and his chosen site was Abades, we are looking forward to seeing his final sketch.

What else has been happening..... 

We have been joined by Colin, now he did his IDC and IE in Cyprus in 2009 with a CDC Center, Career Development Center, he passed all his instructor exams. However because he did not have the required 100 dives, he was only signed off and an Assistant Instructor! So he joined us to complete his final 30 dives.  Colin has been doing some night dives, reef dives, turtle dives and has even been doing some try dives in the pool. He has been sitting in on some courses as well to get himself ready for teaching. 

Colin has been great and we look forward to his 100th Dive :)

So that is all for now and we will do another update for the dive center soon. 

Check back Ciao For now :)

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