Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Night Dive Specialty & more!

Well Chantelle was back with us for a week and wanted to master the art of Night Diving! So along with Manon & Billy they started their Night Diver Specialty course with Neil & Iain.

The first dive for Chantelle was excellent and she managed to see Sting Rays, Octopus and lots of life. This made all the more eager to do the next 2 dives.

They all did an excellent job with the Navigation skills and when it came to lights off, even the others on the dive switched their lights out too.  It went very weel and so now they have another card to their collections. Well done Guys.

Colin is still here with us at the dive center and now only has 10 dives left, it is very exciting and he now wants to practice his skill circuit and so we will be jumping in the pool soon enough. We will hopefully be joined by Sam & Dannii for their final scores on their skill circuits too.

Hannah has been reading some of her Advanced manual and has been in the pool with Mary watching some Open Water courses with Mark & Michaela. Neil has also been teaching Open Water with Robin!! The Divemaster interns are getting to deal with REAL Students and see how their skills conpare but also how to deal with student control. This is a very important skill to learn for any Professional Diver.

The winds have been strong lately and the sea visability has been pretty AWFUL to be honest!! We have been to a few different sites. We have visited El Puertito, Poris Pier, The House reef, Black Cove and Abades to name a few.

We are hoping the winds will change soon and the great visability that we are so used to will return to our waters!!

Come Back soon for more Fun in the Sun with Amarilla Divers.

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